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Do., 13. Jan.



TALK: Velina Ninkova (University of Tromsø, the Arctic University of Norway)

Title: Colonial encounters from an animist perspective in the Western Kalahari


13. Jan. 2022, 15:00 MEZ



Miss the talk? To watch this webinar click here.

The livelihoods of the Ju|'hoansi in what is today  the Omaheke region in east central Namibia have been dramatically uprooted by waves of white and Bantu settlement over the course of the  20th century. These  colonial encounters have resulted in the complete land dispossession  and incorporation of the Ju|'hoansi in the regional economy. In this  talk, I will discuss how the Ju|'hoansi have responded to these changes  from a relational ontological perspective. I will  discuss notions of personhood and how they apply to 'new' categories,  such as white people and state institutions. At the end, I will discuss  the impact of these disruptions on the Ju|'hoansi cultural survival in  the long term.

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